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What is Educational Action Research?
Educational Action Research refers to taking a systematic look at some educational practice and recording what was done, why it was done, collecting data, analyzing the data and reflecting on how the results might influence future teaching endeavors. If done carefully and thoughtfully, Educational Action Research can improve an individual's teaching. If done by multiple teachers at a single school, it has the potential to enhance the overall quality of the school.
What is the Action Research Network?
The Action Research Network is a tool designed for teachers in the field as well as students pursuing a degree in education. This tool enables researchers (the teachers) to share their research and view the findings of others.
This is done by providing an online template that the researchers fill in to help them record information about various aspects of their research. Thus a researcher can describe all aspects of his or her action research project, take notes and keep them all in one place, upload their research instruments and data, make a first draft of their final paper and bibliography (if doing this for a class), and share this information with others of their choice (e.g., the public, their professor, outside reviewers, someone at their school).
Those who are interested in the research done by others will be able to search using grade level, student achievement, type of research, type of intervention, subject matter, etc. as search terms. This makes it easy for a teacher or professor to locate projects that are of particular interest or which illustrate a particular aspect of teaching.
This tool is also helpful to professors of education who have assigned an action research project to their students. Professors can set up a class and have all students simply enter a code to provide the professor with access to their project as it is being completed. The student is able to specify which sections of the research report are ready to be reviewed. The professor can then review these sections online and provide comments through a message system internal to the tool. Similarly, students can communicate about the project with their professor.
For those schools which prefer to have multiple reviewers of the project, the Action Research tool allows guest reviewers to also be included in the process of project review and revision. The results of these reviews are available to the primary professor (if any has been specified) and the student.
Who Can Use This Tool?
Any educator in any country may use the Action Research Network tool. There is no cost involved either to professors or to the teachers/students who choose to use it. The only information that is used by our organization is the area code data. This helps us identify states in which the tool is being used. These data help us maintain our funding. All other identifying information is kept private and is not shared with any other entity, though researchers can choose to make their projects public when they are completed.

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