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Instructions: This is for the professor who is teaching a course requiring Action Research as part of the student's grade. A class code is assigned once you have registered. You can then give this code to all your students. When they enter this code into their projects, you will get a list of all the students' projects and be able to see the work they have done via the Faculty Project Manager. You will also be able to approve or suggest edits for each step.
If several faculty are collaborating to assess the student's Action Research, only the person who is actually giving the final grade for the class should register. The others can gain access (and approve or give suggestions) by entering via the Other Reviewers link and using the project code given to them by the faculty or student.
Note that the class code and the project code are totally different and give different types of access. A faculty member should give class codes only to his/her students, not to other reviewers. The class code is the way this Web site gathers the work of all students into one class area and allows the faculty member final say on whether a step of the project is approved or not. A project code is given to each project so students can ask for the input of persons other than the faculty member. The project code should be given to anyone who has been asked to review a student's project.
Please fill in the information by typing in the blanks. If Action Research is used in several of your courses, click the Add Additional Courses button. When you have entered all courses, click the Submit Registration button to finish your registration.
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