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Reviewer Help - Table of Contents If you need additional help, click here to contact us.
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  1. To use the tool, you need to log-in. You must also have a project passcode. You can get this passcode from the researcher or faculty member who asked you to review a project. Every project has a specific passcode, so if you are reviewing several of these, you may want to make a "cheat sheet" that tells you which projects/researchers are associated with which passcode.
  2. Click on the Reviewer Log-in link at the top of the Action Research Network home page.


    Reviewer Log-in

  4. Type the project passcode (e.g., proj2) into the designated area, then click the Continue… button.

Choose the Material You Wish to Review
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  1. Every project is divided into several sections. Each section has to be reviewed separately. We did it this way to make it easier for the student/researcher to determine what needs to be modified.


    Reviewer Home

  3. Once you have logged-in, you will be taken to a page that lists all the sections of that particular project. Choose the section you wish to review by clicking on the Current Draft link next to that section. (If you don't see the Current Draft links and all the sections say Nothing Submitted, then this student has not yet submitted any material for review.)

Reviewing A Section
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  1. When you have chosen the current draft of a section, you will be taken to a page that displays the material the student/researcher has submitted for that section. You should read this.


    Feedback/Approval Page

  3. Below the student/researcher's information is an area where you provide your evaluation of that material. Type in your name if you want the student to know who submitted the review. Click and hold on the Select Status pull-down menu, then slide the mouse down to select either Approved or Not Approved. When you let go of the mouse the status you chose should be showing.
  4. Type any feedback you want to share with the student/reearcher about this section in the area provided.
  5. Send the review and feedback to the student/researcher by clicking on the Submit Status and Feedback button at the bottom of the page.
  6. The message will go to the Student/Researcher's Message Center and will also update the Student/Researcher's Approval status page as well as updating the Faculty Approval Status page for this project. In other words, both the student/researcher and the sponsoring professor can see whether the section was approved or not, but the feedback you send will only be sent to the student/researcher.

Getting An Overview
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  1. If you want to read all the material the student has submitted, you can click on the link entitled View Entire Project Report on the View Project page. This sometimes helps if you are planning to review a section, but can't really recall what the student's project is all about.


    Report Draft

  3. You cannot provide your review from the View Entire Project Report page, you still must use the separate Sections to do this.

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